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APT Medical’s Susrail™ Guidewire Unleashing Precision and Control

APT Medical is launching the Susrail™ Guidewire, one of the excellent medical devices designed to provide healthcare practitioners with superior control and tactile feedback during interventional treatments. This guidewire, made of a single-piece formed core stainless steel wire, provides excellent support and torque control during procedures, notably in treating thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms, dissections, and other diseases. With characteristics including a core-to-tip construction, duo-coil design, excellent visibility, and long-lasting lubricity, the Susrail™ Guidewire provides healthcare practitioners with the tools they need for precise and effective treatments.

Optimal Support for Device Delivery

The Susrail™ Guidewire’s stainless steel core is designed to provide exceptional support and torque ability during device delivery in interventional procedures. This core ensures reliable and controlled navigation through complex anatomical structures, particularly in endovascular aortic repair. Healthcare professionals can confidently perform procedures with optimal support, enhancing patient outcomes and procedural success.

Core-to-Tip Structure for Maneuverability

Featuring a core-to-tip structure, the Susrail™ Guidewire offers a shapeable tip that enhances maneuverability during procedures. This shapeable tip allows healthcare professionals to navigate challenging anatomical pathways precisely and efficiently. The guidewire’s excellent maneuverability improves procedural efficiency and accuracy, ensuring successful outcomes in treating thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms, dissections, and other lesions.

Duo-Coil Design for Tactile Feedback

The Susrail™ Guidewire incorporates a duo-coil design, providing superior tactile feedback and maneuverability. This design enables healthcare professionals  to navigate and cross complex lesions easily. The superior tactile feedback offered by the guidewire ensures confident navigation and optimal procedural outcomes.


APT Medical’s Susrail™ Guidewire is one of the excellent medical devices that empowers healthcare professionals with unparalleled precision and control during interventional procedures. With its optimal support, core-to-tip structure, duo-coil design, precise visibility, and durable lubricity, this guidewire offers a comprehensive solution for successful treatments of thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms, dissections, and other lesions. By incorporating the Susrail™ Guidewire into their practice, APT Medical equips healthcare professionals with a reliable tool to ensure positive patient outcomes in interventional medical devices.

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