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Exploring the Features and Benefits of DAYA’s Thin Shower Tray

DAYA has been manufacturing shower trays for 23 years. They not only have R&D and design expertise, but they have also built a 48,000m2 plant capable of producing 80,000 units each year. Focus on providing skilled OEM/ODM services to global customers. They make a range of trays, such as the custom shower tray, which is a center drain shower pan with a stone texture and is constructed of resin. It is a high-quality product with numerous advantages.

Aesthetic Appeal

DAYA’s custom shower tray Series O has an aesthetic appeal that is unmatched by any other shower tray on the market. The sleek, modern design of the shower tray is perfect for any bathroom decor. The thinness of the shower tray also allows for a more comfortable showering experience, as it takes up less space in the shower. The textured surface of the shower tray provides added grip and stability while showering.

Ecological material

The environmentally friendly custom shower tray from DAYA is advantageous for both the client and the environment. It offers a secure and relaxing showering experience without sacrificing either design or quality. Due to the utilization of recycled materials and the reduction of waste and emissions, it also improves the sustainability and effectiveness of the production process.


DAYA’s custom shower tray provides homeowners with a sleek and stylish shower solution that adds a modern touch to any bathroom. With its aesthetic appeal, and comparative price, this series of custom shower trays is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their shower space. All these features make DAYA’s custom shower tray series an excellent choice for creating a modern, stylish shower space that offers both convenience and safety.When it comes to finding a trustworthy partner for bathroom needs, DAYA stands out as a business that keeps its promises.

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