Five Reasons Why Your Next Light Bulb Must Be a Smart Bulb

Today everything is becoming advanced, like mobile phones and laptops. There are many sorts of LED lights which are smart and can be controlled with the help of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. From brighten up your party to improve your sleep it helps your accordingly. There are many reasons why you should upgrade to a smart bulb instead of a simple light bulb in your house.

Smart lights are different from average LED lights; they are not only capable of sitting in a socket and lightroom like basic bulbs. In addition, they can do several things at your command. So, they are called smart for a reason you can easily connect them to your mobile phone with the help of an application to run significant possibilities in them. Below are a few things that you can do with smart bulbs.

They dim

One of the basic features of smart bulb companies is that they can quickly dim according to user’s preferences without having a dimmer switch at your home. You can easily install a dimmer bulb at your home or your lamp. You can brighten your mobile application when they are automatically dimmed down when you are not using them.

They can be controlled from anywhere.

There are three types of effective connectivity that you can do with your lights to control them anywhere. They will allow you to control your light more effectively than you can with the switch.

  1. IR blaster – If you are using a mobile phone with an IR blaster preinstalled, then it won’t be necessary to connect your light with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi because it is the hardware used back then in televisions to change the channel of the TV. So having an IR blaster might be very advantageous for you to save your mobile battery.
  2. Bluetooth – Is the easiest way to control your lights because they are straightforward to connect. Still, one of the drawbacks of using Bluetooth is that you cannot control your lighting outside of your house because the range provided by Bluetooth is only a few meters. However, Bluetooth 5.0’s connectivity is one of the most potent sources inside the house.
  3. Wi-Fi – One of the best things you can do is connect your mobile phone to the same Wi-Fi server you have connected with your lights. After completing the application installation and lighting with your Wi-Fi, you can control them from anywhere at any time. It is one of the most convenient ways to come up with.

Benefits of using the wireless connection

  1. Easy to use – It makes it very easy to use them because you do not have to stand up from your so far bed to turn off or on the lighting inside your house. In addition, the wireless connection would allow you to control them from your mobile phone or computer.
  2. Saves energy – If some people forget to turn off lights inside their house while they go to the office, then with the help of Wi-Fi, they can quickly turn off all the lighting inside their house. It will help them to save a lot of energy during the daytime.
  3. Effectively save from robbery and theft – During the nighttime, when you would not be able to come to your home, you can turn on your light with the help of a wireless connection so that people still think that anybody’s home will save your house from Bulgaria and theft.

They change colour

Dimming the light is not the only thing that smart lights do; you can also set your mood according to your preference with different effect conditions. They can effectively produce over 15 million colours with these lights. You can easily select an exact effect of your interest by tapping on the application and selecting the colour.

Why is it necessary for you to change colour

  • It helps you to warm your room with the help of colours like yellow and golden yellow.
  • If you want to cool it down, you can change your lighting to blue.
  • You can use them for parties by mixing colours and themes according to your interest.
  • During festivals, you can just light according to the festive personalisation in the building inside the application.
  • If you hate the colour of your wall, then it would be ideal for you to change the effect of your wall with the help of smart lights and their different colour options with high-intensity light bulbs.

Having a smart bulb would help you to change the internal mechanism of your house and help you to decorate it according to your cup of tea. They can also play music, and one can connect them with Siri and Google Assistant to use them more effectively. Then, you can ask your assistant to work for you.

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