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New88 is the latest, most comprehensive upgraded version, the legendary successor of a previously famous game portal. The number of players in the prize exchange card game at New88 extremely crowded, proving its position as one of the most prominent bookmakers in Vietnam today. Together Den New88 Find out now!

 New88 Completely new version

Nhà Cái New88 is the latest and extremely comprehensive upgraded version, giving players a truly different experience compared to the old version. From the sharp interface to the simple playing method, deposit and withdraw money quickly, safely and conveniently. That’s why you can’t miss a quality prize exchange card game.

How to play card games with prizes at New88 is extremely simple. After registering an account at the game portal New88, gamers will be able to bet a small amount of money to create a table between different players. At card exchange, you can choose to play solo 1-2 or you can leave it alone dealer Arrange your own playroom.

In fact, because the number of people participating in the game is extremely large, you will not need to wait much longer. With direct competition, you must take advantage of all your thinking, memorization, sharpness and agility to confront other players to collect larger bonuses. The higher the odds, the greater the chance of receiving rewards.

Valuable experience for players is to read the game rules carefully before placing a bet. And most importantly, the more careful you are, the more focused you are, the easier it is to win. Take the time to observe your opponents, observe the table, and all your concentration is never meaningless.

Investment of New88 for card game prizes are extremely large. First of all, the interface is more eye-catching, sharp images, and vibrant sound that suits the tastes of most players. Creates an extremely strong attraction.

Why say that? New88 give wings to wealth.

Reward card games are one of the money-making trees for gamers. Because in addition to being allowed at Casinos, many players from small to large, from young to old still choose card games to relieve stress and entertain on the occasion of gathering with friends, Tet, festivals. summer,… That’s why it has become popular in society.

Besides, New88 Currently also serves gamers with attractive incentive programs. The publisher’s gift giving event for new and loyal members is increasing not only in quantity but also in extremely high quality. You will receive a huge amount of Giftcode if you create an account for the first time at New88.

Currently, the prize exchange card game of New88 Also upgraded the system for bonus withdrawal transactions. The old intermediary agent system has been gradually replaced by direct deposit and withdrawal methods. This helps players feel more secure about large bonuses without fear of being squeezed by middlemen for high tax fees. In New88 Deposit 100 and you will receive 100, and draw prizes at 1:1 ratio.

Besides, the security for individuals’ accounts is absolutely absolute. The randomness in betting is high, you can only play 1 match and then won’t need to make much money. That’s why it is said that for New88 In general, and card games in particular, it is not wrong to be a place to bring wings to wealth.

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Outstanding advantages at New88

New features in the new generation of prize-winning card games New88 has achieved almost absolute perfection. Brings certain advantages and has created new, modern and quality features. Let’s experience the best of the house New88 currently owned.

Quality interface and sound

Graphics technology that the publisher applies to New88 has the highest full HD quality. Helps players get close-up views in a methodical way. Each game room is designed like a real casino, creating realistic effects, not only helping players feel comfortable but also enjoy sublime moments.

New88 Scientifically arranged and clearly laid out, enough to intrigue players. With different bright and cheerful colors, it helps players easily get acquainted and quickly earn a lot of money

Top notch game store

Besides the prize-winning card game, then New88 also invested heavily in its game store. Even any demanding guest cannot resist the absolute richness of the game store. We can mention the list of top new games updated by the publisher in recent times:

  • Reward card games include Tien Len, Lieng card, Sam Loc, blackjack, phom card, Mau binh, Poker,…
  • Slot games include Lux Kingdom, Treasure Slots, superheroes, Roman Gods of War, female spies,…
  • Mini games include Sic Bo, lottery, crab, wild west, mini poker, over under,…

And there are many other attractive games that we cannot ignore. Because at least once every 2 months New88 will upgrade, update, and add the newest and hottest games on the market.

Customer care system

In addition to customer support via hotline number and official fanpage, the game portal New88 also provides customer support via Telegram application. The new form is accessed directly on the main screen interface. Customers can download Telegram directly from the Store and link it to your personal account.

The customer care team is highly appreciated by gamers for their enthusiasm, friendly attitude and dedication to customers. All the smallest game errors, inadequacies, and questions will be resolved quickly and thoroughly. Bringing absolute satisfaction to everyone.

Card withdrawal and deposit transactions at New88

As mentioned at the beginning, New88 In addition to the system of depositing and withdrawing rewards through intermediaries, it has now gradually switched to linking bank accounts and conducting direct transactions. In addition, the form of exchanging phone scratch cards is also focused on developing by the publisher, serving all players who need simple withdrawals and deposits.

Network network systems from Viettel, Mobiphone, Vinaphone,… are being linked together, the house serves all players with all enthusiasm, doing their best so that no one has difficulty participating in the game.

Game portal New88 Currently affiliated with many domestic banks. These include ACB, Techcombank or BIDV. Transactions are performed in all different time frames, and of course the deposit and receipt ratio is 1:1, with no fees and does not take too much time.

Currently, forms of linking with e-Wallets have become popular, which is why the game portal New88 Don’t ignore this convenience either. MoMo or Zalo Pay e-wallet has an extremely high deposit rate of up to 125%, very convenient and profitable. The operation of the e-wallet is also simple, anyone can do it.


If you are looking for a simple card game for entertainment, you can choose this house New88. If you are looking for a card game with high stakes and absolute blue-nine odds, choose it New88. In New88 You will experience sublime moments and effective stress-relieving moments.

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