Promoter of International Vision: API Online Trading Platform Pharma Sources

After many years of careful polishing, constantly digging deep into the industry, and hearing the needs of first-line active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturers, Pharma sources has developed into an industry vane with specialization, internationalization, and high-end as its core competitiveness, as well as a one-stop trade exchange platform for the whole pharmaceutical industry chain with large scale and high specifications. Come and see the details.

Comprehensive platform content

The pharma sources platform is large in scale and all-inclusive. The platform includes fourteen subdivided trading and exchange sections of the pharmaceutical industry, including pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates and fine chemicals, pharmaceutical excipients, preparations, contract customization, biopharmaceuticals, natural extracts, veterinary drugs, and feed, pharmaceutical machinery, packaging materials, laboratory instruments, environmental protection and cleanliness, pharmaceutical logistics, pharmaceutical automation, and information technology.

High industry influence

Over the years, several domestic pharmaceutical companies have taken Pharma sources as the preferred platform to enter the international arena. With the trade and exhibition on Pharma sources, a large number of companies with international influence have emerged, including Fosun Pharma, Hengrui Pharma, and so on.

Pharma sources platform, both for the companies and the demanders, has a huge impact on them. This platform, which combines convenience and innovation, can provide power to support the progress of companies. Visit Pharma sources’ official websites for more information.

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