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Reusable NIBP Cuffs: Accurate Blood Pressure Monitoring with Comfort and Durability

Accurate blood pressure monitoring is vital in healthcare settings, and Unimed offers a range of high-quality products to meet these needs. Unimed’s Reusable NIBP Cuffs with Inflation Bag & BP12 Connector provide accurate measurements while ensuring comfort and durability. This article explores the features and benefits of Unimed’s Reusable NIBP Cuffs, highlighting their wear-resistant TPU cuff material, latex-free composition, and compatibility with Philips/GE monitors through the BP05 connector. With various sizes available, Unimed Medical ensures a proper fit for different arm circumferences.

Wear-Resistant TPU Cuff Material for Longevity

Unimed’s Reusable NIBP Cuffs are designed with TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) cuff material known for its wear resistance. This ensures that the cuffs can withstand repeated use without compromising accuracy or performance. The TPU material offers durability, making Unimed’s NIBP cuffs reliable for long-term blood pressure monitoring in healthcare settings.

Latex-Free Composition for Allergy Prevention

Unimed Medical prioritizes patient safety and comfort by offering latex-free Reusable NIBP Cuffs. Latex allergies can pose a significant risk, and with Unimed’s latex-free cuffs, healthcare professionals can confidently use them on a wide range of patients without worrying about allergic reactions. The latex-free composition ensures a safe and comfortable experience during blood pressure monitoring.

Multiple Sizes for Varied Arm Circumferences

To meet the needs of patients with different arm sizes, Unimed Medical provides five different sizes of Reusable NIBP Cuffs. The available sizes include 3-6cm, 4-8cm, 6-11cm, 7-13cm, and 8-15cm, allowing healthcare professionals to select the appropriate cuff size for accurate and reliable blood pressure measurements. This ensures a proper fit and optimal performance across a diverse patient population.


Unimed’s Reusable NIBP Cuffs with Inflation Bag & BP12 Connector offer accurate blood pressure monitoring with comfort and durability. The wear-resistant TPU cuff material ensures long-term use, while the latex-free composition prioritizes patient safety. With multiple sizes available, Unimed Medical caters to different arm circumferences, ensuring a proper fit for accurate measurements. Whether it’s in hospitals, clinics, or other healthcare settings, Unimed’s Reusable NIBP Cuffs provide a reliable and convenient solution for blood pressure monitoring.

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