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Shenzhen Superline Technology Co.Ltd. (SLT): A Leading Provider of Quality Dental Instruments

NIC Dental, established in 2002, has emerged as a prominent player among dental instruments manufacturers. With a specialization in endodontic instruments and ortho products, SLT has made significant contributions to the field of dentistry. Notably, SLT holds the distinction of producing the first made-in-China endodontic file product. This article explores the remarkable journey of SLT, its commitment to product quality and service, and its extensive global reach.

 Pioneering the Industry: The First Made-in-China Endodontic File

In 2006, SUPERLINE® – the flagship brand of SLT – launched its sub-brand NIC® to cater to international markets. This marked a significant milestone in the industry, as SLT introduced the first made-in-China endodontic file. This breakthrough product showcased SLT’s dedication to innovation and its determination to provide high-quality dental instruments to dental professionals worldwide.

Innovations That Define Excellence: The NIC U Series Files

In 2014, SLT achieved another milestone with the launch of NIC U series files. These rotary files, known for their triangular cross-section, quickly gained recognition as a classic in the field. The NIC U series files revolutionized endodontic procedures, offering enhanced efficiency and precision. Dental professionals worldwide embraced these files, appreciating their exceptional performance and the consistent results they delivered.

Unparalleled Cutting Efficiency: The NIC V Series Files

Among the extensive product range offered by SLT, the NIC V series files have garnered widespread acclaim. Introduced in 2015, these files quickly became best sellers, evident from their impressive sales records. The NIC V series files are part of a comprehensive file system that demonstrates remarkable cutting efficiency while minimizing procedural errors. Dental professionals rely on the NIC V series files to achieve optimal canal preparation and deliver successful endodontic treatments.


NIC Dental has established itself as a leading provider of quality dental instruments, specializing in endodontic instruments and ortho products. With its commitment to product quality and service, SLT has gained recognition as a trusted partner for dental professionals worldwide. From pioneering the first made-in-China endodontic file to launching innovative products like the NIC U series and NIC V series files, SLT continues to strive for excellence. As SLT expands its global reach, dental professionals can rely on their extensive range of dental instruments to deliver exceptional care and achieve superior treatment outcomes.

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