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Space-Saving and Convenient Connectivity with Fibercan’s Optic Wall Mount Solutions

The rapid growth of internet-connected devices and the increasing demand for big data transmission have led to the tremendous expansion of Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) networks. Service providers are working diligently to meet the escalating bandwidth requirements, with a focus on building the crucial last mile fiber optic cable connections. Fibercan, a leading provider in the industry, aims to develop multiple solutions that simplify, optimize, and expedite the installation process, ultimately helping clients improve their profitability.

Streamlined Installation Process

Fibercan offers one-stop solutions for FTTH connections, including exclusive FTTH broadband, FTTH terminal boxes, and a comprehensive inventory. With their optic wall mount solutions, they streamline the installation process, saving valuable time in both pre-installation and post-installation activities. Fibercan’s solutions are designed to simplify the setup of optical networks, ensuring efficient connectivity from the communication system to multimedia boxes in end-user households.

Reliable and Flexible Solutions

Fibercan prides itself on providing reliable and flexible solutions to meet the diverse needs of customers. With ample inventory and swift lead times, they ensure quick access to essential components such as fiber optic cables, FTTH broadband equipment, FTTH terminal boxes, optical distribution equipment, and necessary tools. By offering a wide range of options, Fibercan empowers customers to create optical networks that are tailored to their specific requirements.


Fibercan is a trusted provider of optic wall mount solutions for FTTH connections. By offering streamlined installation processes, a comprehensive inventory, and flexible solutions, they simplify the setup of optical networks. With Fibercan’s reliable components and swift lead times, service providers can enhance the performance and profitability of their FTTH networks. Trust Fibercan to deliver the solutions you need for efficient and successful FTTH installations.

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