This Magnetic Screen Door Can Level Up Your Next Party

If you wanted to be bothered by bugs, you could sit outside, not sit in your kitchen. One way to keep insects at bay and away from you and anyone joining you at home is to use magnetic screen doors. This way, you can avoid spraying an uncomfortable amount of potentially hazardous chemicals into the air in order to put the bug infestations to rest and save some money in the process. Instead of making pre-existing insects scatter with bug spray, magnetic screen doors can also help you protect the environment by not squirting toxic chemicals into the atmosphere.

Getting a Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door is a smart investment that offers a chance to keep your family healthy and cooler when it gets humid, and it doesn’t take much to get it all set up. Before you throw your next party at home, here are some ways that this magnetic screen door can make your celebration something enjoyable for everyone.

Allow Some Fresh Air In

Before you even invite anyone over, get an idea of where everyone is going to congregate in your home and, if possible, get an idea of what the weather forecast may be that day with an online weather search. The room is going to get a whole lot hotter once it’s filled with people. Perspiration is going to drip from spicy foods and alcohol consumption.

There is nothing wrong with turning on the air conditioner, but you may want to let some natural air clear out fumes from food and cigarette smoke from the party. Keep your house well-ventilated that day if you don’t want to spend the entire party outside with the help of a magnetic screen door.

Throw a Pest-Free Party

Protect your doorways from potential insects and debris by opting for the magnetic screen latch hardware for your doors. Remember, during a party, there are going to be people coming in and out of your home. Maybe some will be going to the backyard; others may be trickling into your home later at different times. With doors opening and clothing, you don’t want to have them left open to give a literal open-door policy for flies, wasps, and mosquitos to come in and annoy your guests all evening.

With the small holes in the mess, these magnetic doors will be capable of keeping out the bugs that bug you when the doors are closed. People won’t ever get the opportunity to forget to close the doors because they will automatically shut after your guests pass through them, thanks to the 26 magnets in place for proper closure.

Strong and Durable Screen Doors

Not everyone is going to treat the things in your home as well as you do. Some people don’t know their own strength sometimes and can accidentally slam a door too hard and cause damage. But you won’t have to worry about having your doors damaged because they will be opening and clothing with just a simple nudge. No forceful manual actions will have to take place. Even a pet dog could let himself in and out of these doorways.

Durability and maintenance of your magnetic retractable screen door is a valuable asset during a party and also after when it is time for clean-up duty. For proper upkeep, cleanse your screens with a mild detergent and water seasonally. You won’t have to subject your nose and throat to harsh chemicals because they won’t be necessary to keep these screens clean.

When your retractable screen doors aren’t in use, they’re effortlessly retracted into a protective housing for safety from potential damage during wet and cold weather.

Have you ever wished for a way to keep the bugs out of your apartment while still allowing fresh air and sunlight in? If so, then this magnetic screen door could be just the thing you need to level up your living space. This innovative product uses powerful magnets to create an invisible barrier that keeps bugs out while allowing fresh air and natural light into your home. Plus, it’s easy to install and fits most standard door frames, making it a great option for upgrading your apartment. Check out the vineyard of olive branch olive branch ms”

Simple Set-Up and Removal

When you purchase your magnetic screen doors, they will come with written instructions as well as a video tutorial to show you how to set these doors up, just in case you need the extra help. The first thing you do to get the doors up is measure your door to make sure the magnetic door will fit properly.

These particular screen doors fit all types of doors measuring 38 x 82 inches or less. Wipe off the door frame to make sure that it is clean before attaching your new magnetic screen door. Attach all the magnets in the middle seam to shut the screen door. The next step in the set-up process is to hold the screen door to the top of the door frame. It needs to be ¼ inch above the floor because otherwise, if it hangs below the door frame, you will need to have it hemmed. The thumbtacks you need to hang your magnetic doors onto wooden doors and the hook and loop tape you need for metal and aluminum doors will be provided with the screen doors themselves.

Finally, if you are only looking to use the magnetic screen doors during the party because that is the only reason why your home will be congested, then you will also appreciate how easy the doors are to take because of the magnets.

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