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Boost Efficiency and Productivity with AIVISON’s Laser SLAM Small Stacker Smart Forklift

In today’s fast-paced warehouse environments, efficiency and productivity are critical factors in maintaining a competitive edge. AIVISON, a leading provider of cutting-edge AMR forklifts, presents the Laser SLAM Small Stacker Smart Forklift (SFL-CDD14). With its advanced features and built-in SRC controller, these robotic forklift trucks are designed to streamline operations and maximize efficiency.

Built-in SRC Controller for Seamless Collaboration

The SFL-CDD14 is equipped with a built-in SRC (System Robot Controller) controller, allowing seamless integration and collaboration with other robotic models within the AIVISON Robotics system software. This innovative feature enables flexible task allocation and coordinated operations, optimizing resource utilization and overall performance.

Efficient and Intelligent Warehouse Operations

Powered by laser SLAM technology, the AMR forklift offers precise and efficient navigation capabilities. With their ability to create accurate real-time maps of the warehouse environment, these robotic forklift trucks can autonomously plan optimal routes, avoiding obstacles and minimizing downtime. The intelligent navigation system ensures smooth and safe movement, enhancing overall productivity.

Streamlined Material Handling Processes

The SFL-CDD14 is specifically designed for material handling tasks, making it an ideal solution for warehouse operations. With its compact size and agile maneuverability, it can easily navigate narrow aisles and tight spaces, maximizing storage capacity and optimizing workflow. Equipped with smart forklift capabilities, this AMR forklift offers efficient and reliable pallet handling, loading, and unloading operations.

Improved Efficiency and Cost Savings

By implementing the SFL-CDD14 robotic forklift truck in your warehouse operations, you can significantly improve productivity and reduce costs. Its autonomous navigation and optimized material handling processes minimize manual intervention and eliminate errors, resulting in faster and more accurate operations. This increased efficiency leads to reduced labor costs and improved overall productivity.


The Laser SLAM Small Stacker Smart Forklift (SFL-CDD14) by AIVISON is a game-changer in the field of robotic forklift trucks. With its built-in SRC controller, efficient navigation, streamlined material handling processes, and potential for improved efficiency and cost savings, this robotic solution revolutionizes warehouse operations. Trust AIVISON to deliver innovative and reliable robotic solutions to elevate your business to new heights of success.

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