Business plan: Janitorial Supply Company

We will be selling various cleaners and cleaning equipment both in-home and commercial in type and strength. (See APPENDIX for detailed item list.) Our business will be a retailer with a “flavor” of wholesale image. Our attraction will be free delivery and personal service and attention, with rapid turnaround time from order to delivery.

License and permits

Whitaker Janitorial Supplies is currently registered with the Wisconsin Secretary of State and is incorporated. Our plans are to reincorporate under the same name (have permission of owners to do so). We will also obtain the La Crosse County business license through the La Crosse County Registrar of Deeds.

The market we intend to serve are businesses and professionals both in town and outer rural areas. With telephone, WATTS line, fax, ordering, and personal contact ordering, we expect to improve our market share another 10% from 15% to 25%. Other points which will make our business special to the consumers are computer invoicing and billing, along with information on uses and dangers on our products, along with an unconditional guaranteed satisfaction, total refund, or replacement.

Making our customers satisfied will be “job one.” Our plan is to know the personal history of all family members and key personnel if possible. There will be birthday cards, anniversary cards, Christmas cards, and congratulatory notes, not only to direct contact or owners, but to all employers and their family members. The changes we will make should generate much new life in our business.

The first of many positive improvements will be to computerize the running of the business. In that, we will have accounts receivable/payable, inventory, billing information, and key item sells by customer, order cycles, monthly reports, or financials (such as cash flow), pertinent customer information, specific sell trends, and customer information such as type of business, address, owners, employee names, addresses, birthdate, children, ages, and anniversaries.

We also plan to begin looking for a new business site, more strategic increased walk-in traffic, larger floor area for displaying, and closer to the high traffic area of town (Collier Road close to bypass, Highway 73, or “on” the bypass itself).

Executive summary

There are many good reasons for a business plan: set monetary goals, sales goals, profits, general company direction, and lender information. I hope that this plan does all.

During the past two months I have spent working on this plan, I have been forced to discover a lot of questions I needed to know the answers to and even the questions themselves. Even though it has been tedious at times, I have grown a great deal from my endeavors here.

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