Cleansing and Detoxification

You would not own a car and assume that simply by giving it oil, water, and gas it would keep functioning efficiently. You would realize that, at some time, it would need a complete oil change and a service. Interestingly, however, many people do not take similar steps to ensure that their bodies get the correct fuel and care. Yet they expect them to run efficiently. Detoxifying is like home servicing an engine, a self-help program to keep your body functioning well. A new breed of people are emerging who are prepared to give it a try and finding the results worthwhile.

Decreased immunity because of an increase in toxicity is evidently the key health issue of our time and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. But detoxifying and cleansing programs can help redress this problem. Cleansing the body of toxins by excreting, transforming, or neutralizing them frees the body. Every organ and system can sigh with relief as burdens are lifted, excess toxic baggage is towed away, and the effort of digestion is reduced to a minimum while nourishment is still provided.

The Differences between Fasting and Detoxification

Fasting involves total abstinence from food, with only water being drunk. This is a very good way of healing the body because only pure fluids, which do not require much processing, are entering the system, thereby giving the body a complete rest. But fasting should only be considered if you have a lot of experience with cleansing programs. Detoxification through cleansing involves more than water and can, in many ways, be more effective. It is certainly a more appropriate choice for the majority of people.

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Healing Crisis

The phenomenon called healing crisis almost always accompanies these cleansing methods, causing your body to feel as if it is in both a physical and an emotional crisis. However, if you do not experience a healing crisis, it does not mean that the cleanse has failed. Your body is simply eliminating toxins in a different way. The whole process is a natural one whereby the body is healing itself by expelling excess toxins. Nevertheless, you may initially feel as though your illness is becoming worse because of the unpleasant symptoms you are experiencing; in some cases it may remind you of the worst periods of any chronic illness or acute disorder you have experienced.

Intuitive Fasting and Cleansing

An intuitive cleansing program or fast follows no specific rules. You comply with your body when it says, “I’m not hungry; I don’t want to eat, even though it’s mealtime.” An intuitive fast can be for a single meal or for a day, and it’s up to you to find some way of making it comfortable for others around you. Do not make the mistake of letting them cook you a meal and then turning it down! As meals are important social occasions, only you can decide when skipping one is convenient. Never eat when you are excessively tired, angry, or upset or when you are feeling overworked or depressed. Always eat when you are feeling relaxed and balanced. Some fruit or vegetable juice or light soup can be taken when you are feeling not quite able to digest but are still in need of food.

One-Day or Three-Day Cleanses

A one-day cleanse can be a gentle introduction to general cleansing. One day is not usually sufficient to induce the effects of excessive toxin release; if you do feel uncomfortable in any way on the night of thecleanse, there is no need to worry, as you will feel fi ne after eating a meal the next day. Eating naturally prevents detoxification.

Last word

Before you begin advanced cleansing programs, you must be proficient in the shorter and less intensive cleanses. Five-day programs achieve cleansing at a very deep level and will make a huge difference in your well-being. Get plenty of help, support, and advice prior to, during, and after the cleanse. Make sure all the ingredients for the cleansing program have been obtained and prepared before you begin.

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