Customer mailing for a mobile home repair business

To serve the needs of organizations and individuals that can use a skilled mobile home repair specialist who offers an excellent personal reputation for reliability and honesty as well as proven skills in all aspects of mobile home repair, maintenance, and setup

Mobile home repair specialist (Self-Employed)

Orion Mobile Home Repair, Warsaw, WI (1998-present). Am the owner and manager of Orion Mobile Home Repair, currently repair and/or replace floors, windows, doors, walls (interior and exterior), carpet, and vinyl; perform minor electrical and plumbing work.

Satisfaction Guaranteed/Excellent References

Guarantee satisfaction with all work performed, and can provide excellent references from these and other organizations whose mobile homes and apartments I service and maintain.

  • Social Services/Housing & Urban Development
  • Warsaw County Social Services Department
  • American Home Star Sales Sterling Homes

What our customers say

“I appreciated the way Caldwell was willing to work in the early hours of the morning to clean my concrete parking lot. This allowed me to give my business a clean look without causing my customers any inconvenience, and without interrupting my cash flow!” – A. Patterson, restaurant chain CEO

Equipment used

We believe the best result is achieved by utilizing the best equipment in addition to welltrained personnel. We use state-of-the-art equipment. including: Two LANDA self-contained units. Hot water units: one mounted on 16’ trailer; one self-contained unit in full-size mobile van. 3,000 PSI; Temperature: 300 degrees maximum; special adapters for special jobs.

About the owner

Justin Salazar Caldwell holds a B.S. degree in Criminal Justice from Delta State University (2000). Started in the pressure washing business in March 1999, and formally formed and incorporated Caldwell Pressure Washing in September 1999. Experienced in all aspects of the business. Outstanding reputation. Known for integrity.

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Last word

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