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Digital Price Tags from Hanshow Are Transforming Retail

Hanshow, a global leader in digital retail solutions, has emerged as a trusted partner for retailers worldwide. With an impressive presence in over 50 countries and partnerships with over half the top 100 global retail companies, Hanshow is revolutionizing the industry with its cutting-edge digital price tags. Through responsive service and customized solutions, Hanshow is driving the digital transformation of retail on a global scale.

A Global Presence

Hanshow’s extensive global footprint speaks volumes about its expertise and commitment to excellence. Collaborating with over 30,000 stores across 50 countries, including partnerships with major retail giants, Hanshow has established itself as a leader in the digital retail solutions space. This widespread adoption of Hanshow’s technology is a testament to its effectiveness and ability to deliver tangible results for retailers of all sizes and sectors.

Digital Price Tags: Empowering Retailers

At the heart of Hanshow’s retail solutions are its state-of-the-art digital price tags. These innovative devices replace traditional paper price tags with dynamic, electronic shelf label that offer numerous benefits for retailers and customers alike. Hanshow’s digital price tags provide accurate, real-time pricing information, eliminating the need for manual updates and reducing pricing errors. With centralized control, retailers can remotely manage pricing and promotions across their entire store network, ensuring consistency and efficiency.


By partnering with major retail companies worldwide and deploying solutions in thousands of stores across diverse markets, Hanshow is driving the digital transformation of the retail industry. With its innovative digital price tags, Hanshow empowers retailers to enhance the customer experience, drive operational efficiency, and stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.

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