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Elevate Skull Surgery Precision with Winner Medical’s Cranio Drape

Winner Medical presents the Cranio Drape, a specialized drape designed for surgical procedures involving the skull. This drape is expertly crafted to provide a sterile and precise environment for cranial surgeries.

Tailored to Surgical Excellence

The Cranio Drape from Winner Medical is available in SMS or laminated fabric, with options for 2-layers or 3-layers of nonwoven fabric. This versatility ensures that the surgical drapes meet the unique requirements of each cranial surgical procedure.

A Comprehensive Drape Solution

Winner Medical’s Craniotomy Drape with Pouch is designed with surgical precision in mind. It is the ideal choice for craniotomy procedures, offering a comprehensive drape solution that integrates essential features:

Reinforced Area: The drape incorporates a reinforced area that ensures durability and provides an extra layer of protection where it matters most.

Fenestration with Full Incise Film: A carefully positioned fenestration is equipped with a full incise film. This feature offers a clear, sterile, and precise field for surgeons during cranial surgeries, enabling them to perform with the utmost confidence and accuracy.

Maintaining Sterile Surgical Environments

Winner Medical is a trusted name in the realm of surgical drapes, known for its commitment to maintaining sterile surgical environments. With the Cranio Drape, healthcare professionals can rely on the exceptional quality and precision that Winner Medical provides.


In summary, Winner Medical’s Cranio Drape is tailored to meet the unique demands of skull surgeries. Its durable and sterile design, complete with a fenestration and incise film, ensures that cranial surgical procedures are performed with the highest level of precision and confidence.

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