Fly Cat is a Reputable Oral Irrigator Manufacturer

The maker of oral irrigators is Fly Cat Electrical Co., Ltd brothers Frank and Joseph Fly founded the business in 1985 after identifying a market need for high-quality electrical goods. The company’s initial item was a water flosser they designed and made themselves. The device was a big hit, and the business quickly increased the variety of products it offered.

Why you should floss with water:

Water flossers are an efficient way to clean teeth and gums of plaque and bacteria.

Most drugstores and internet retailers sell water flossers, which are easy to use.

Those with braces, implants or other dental equipment can use water flossers safely.

Water flossers can help in the fight against gum disease and tooth decay.

Water flossers are a cheap way to maintain good oral health.

When choosing a water flosser, keep the following factors in mind:

Water Pressure: The pressure of a water flosser is measured in psi (pounds per square inch). A higher psi rating indicates a stronger cleaning action. Use a water flosser with a lower PSI if your teeth or gums are sensitive.

Water Reservoir: The water required for cleaning is held in a water flosser’s water reservoir. Some reservoirs can be removed for cleaning with relative ease, whereas others cannot. The ease of cleaning and refilling the reservoir should be considered when choosing a water flosser.

Cordless or Plug-In: There are both plug-in and cordless water flossers available. Cordless water flossers are more portable and powered by batteries than plug-in systems. Consider your needs while choosing between a cordless and a plug-in type.

Advice: Water flossers come with various tips for use in different situations. While some tips are meant to clean braces, others are made to be used with implants. Be sure to consider your cleaning needs when choosing a water flosser tip.

Budget: A water flosser might run you anything from $30 to $100. Your budget will influence which water flosser you select.

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