Hengli Petrochemical: What Is The Biggest Difference From Other Companies

The pattern advantage of Hengli Petrochemical lies in two points: the integration of “oil” and the high-end differentiation of “silk”. “Oil” is the refining link, and “silk” is the downstream demand link. These two points are the biggest advantages that distinguish it from other companies. This article explains the following reasons to help better understanding, as well as the benefits of Hengli Petrochemical.

The importance of integration

In terms of petrochemical and refining, it is mainly the ability of integration, coordination and integration and layout. Because in the petrochemical industry, there are too many products in each link, so if each link is separated, the cost of raw materials will be wasted, and it must be integrated to integrate resources and maximize benefits. Therefore, Hengli Petrochemical has an unmatched advantage in this respect.

Why is Hengli Petrochemical better than others?

In the development of the petrochemical industry, low total operating costs coupled with high-quality product structure to obtain rich industrial chain profits can be unique in the competition and development of domestic and foreign industry markets. The following are the biggest advantages of Hengli Petrochemical:

  1. The most economical scale device in the industry
  2. Complete supporting base
  3. Balanced upstream and downstream capacity mix
  4. Collaborative production capacity integration cost

5.Strong professional management, technology research and development and market development capabilities


Hengli‘s integration capabilities have far surpassed many companies, and its high-end production capacity can also meet your business needs. In addition, the downstream raw materials of Hengli Petrochemical can basically rely on the supply of upstream products, so there is no need to worry about the shortage of raw materials, and it can meet your largest orders. In addition, in terms of research and development capabilities and technology, Hengli has a good reputation and is the best choice for your partner!

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