How to Play Animal Chess Correctly, Latest Update in 2024

How to play animal chess It’s not difficult, but not everyone can grasp all the knowledge in this game.Before playing the game, everyone needs to learn the details how to play Simple to win. Don’t miss the information below to experience the exciting game at Nhà Cái Hi88.

Some features about the animal chess game

How to play animal chess is a strategy that takes players into a complex tropical forest simulation environment. Besides, there are caves and dangers that play an important role between rivers. Each player will control 8 pieces, each representing a forest animal with unique powers.

The battle begins when stronger beings are able to hunt and occupy weaker ones. When you win, you send in your troopshang enemy or destroy the enemy’s soldiers. The confrontation between animals creates a dramatic and attractive battle.

For each move, the player needs to move one piece in his squad and must think tactically in the most favorable way in the game. You are allowed to move forward, left or right with a single action, but people must not move diagonally with each other.

Components of the animal flag

Next to How to play animal chess Everyone also needs to understand the main components needed in this subject. You should remember the following information.


The chess board is designed in a rectangular shape with 7 vertical lines and 9 horizontal lines, creating a total of 63 independent squares. The structure provides the foundation for a varied strategic experience while playing the game. The pieces are placed on the table according to the following detailed procedure:

  • Hang: Everyone owns onehang especially located in the middle of the central line of their territory. This line is the main goal to win each match.
  • Traps: All 3 traps for each person and placed in strategic locations including the top and sides of the cave.
  • Water bodies, rivers: These are twoface The area is 2×3 in size, a total of 6 squares, placed between the territories of two players.


When learning How to play animal chess, the first thing you need to know is how to distinguish the chess pieces. The game is represented by two main colors: blue and red, representing 2 players. Each person will control 8 chess pieces, with each symbol representing a creature with a specific power level. You need to remember the ranks below in order from largest to smallest such as elephant, lion, tiger, leopard, dog, wolf, cat, mouse.

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The most accurate way to play animal chess today

How to play animal chess Although simple, not everyone understands exactly how to play. This is definitely an interesting game, suitable for you to experience with friends during the holidays.

How to move in the animal chess game

In the game rules, the starting rule is to place the green piece first to open the way for the game. Each step is just a step forward or backward one cell, right or left one cell but you are smart

Rat: The only animal allowed to cross the box. Everyone also needs to follow special rules such as: crossing rivers, creating a special strategy in battle.

  • Lions and Tigers: Ability to jump horizontally or vertically, capturing subordinate pieces if they stand on the target square.
  • Traps: They will cause troops to lose strength and be captured if they fall into trap boxes on the opponent’s territory, creating dangerous areas.
  • Cave: Moving into one’s own cave is taboo, creating warnings and protective strategies for the player.

How to play animal chess about capturing pieces and capturing pieces

In How to play animal chess come back to eat or capture soldiers, a piece that has the ability to capture or capture an opponent’s piece according to the principle of rank. For example, a level 5 Leopard can eat or catch a level 5 Leopard and also catch a level 4 Dog, but a level 4 Dog cannot catch a level 5 Leopard. You can refer to the good playing tips below to increase your winning efficiency. :

  • Rats: Although they have the lowest rank, rats are allowed to eat or capture Elephants. This is because the mouse “runs into the Elephant’s ear,” creating a special tactic and cannot deal with any other troops on land.
  • Water Rats: Cannot be attacked by land troops, regardless of their higher level.
  • Trap Square: If a piece enters an opponent’s trap square, it is reduced in rank to 0. The trapped piece is captured by any player.army opponent’s, regardless of rank.

Above is all the information about How to play animal chess Hi88 website provides you with information about this subject. Hopefully the above information will help you in the process of participating and experiencing the game.

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