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Introducing the DNL EJ3500W: An Electric Powered Jack for Wholesale Trailer Parts That Is Illuminated, Durable, and Energy Efficient

Caravan spare parts suppliers must locate trustworthy and high-quality machinery when dealing with wholesale trailer parts. DNL, a trusted brand in the industry, introduces the EJ3500W, an electric powered jack that combines advanced features with durability and performance. Designed to meet the needs of trailer enthusiasts, the EJ3500W offers an array of innovative functionalities that make towing easier and more efficient. Let’s explore the key features of this electric powered jack.

Illuminated Operation with Multi-Angle LED Light

The EJ3500W features a multi-angle LED light that makes it easy to operate and hook up your trailer, even in low-light conditions. The LED light is strategically angled to illuminate the trailer coupler, providing excellent visibility during nighttime or dimly lit situations. This feature ensures hassle-free coupling and uncoupling, enhancing safety and convenience for caravan owners.

Performance and Durability with Integrated Gearbox and Motor

The EJ3500W excels in both performance and durability, thanks to its integrated gearbox and motor. This combination ensures smooth and efficient operation, allowing for seamless raising and lowering of the trailer. The robust construction of the gearbox and motor guarantees longevity, making the EJ3500W a reliable investment for wholesale trailer parts suppliers and caravan owners alike.

Futuristic Design and Convenient Leveling

The EJ3500W boasts a futuristic housing design that enhances protection from the elements. This innovative design safeguards the internal components, ensuring longevity and reliability even in challenging weather conditions. Additionally, the electric powered jack features a level right on the top, making it easier than ever to level your trailer. Say goodbye to manual leveling struggles and enjoy the convenience of precise leveling with the EJ3500W.


The DNL EJ3500W electric powered jack offers an array of advanced features that cater to the needs of wholesale trailer parts suppliers and caravan owners. Its illuminated operation with a multi-angle LED light ensures easy hooking and uncoupling, even in low-light conditions. The integrated gearbox and motor provide exceptional performance and durability, guaranteeing smooth operation for years to come. With its futuristic design and convenient leveling system, the EJ3500W sets a new standard for electric powered jacks. Upgrade your towing experience with the DNL EJ3500W and enjoy the convenience, efficiency, and reliability it brings to your trailer journeys.

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