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Keywords Research and Strategy

Keyword strategy and research rank among the top factors that influence your SEO strategies. Keywords indicate the line of business your website caters to. They help you gain traffic from users looking to buy something or searching informative content on your site.

Types of Keywords

Usually, keywords are divided into the following categories: head, body , and long-tail terms.


Head keywords are usually one- or two-word terms that span a massive, generic range. These head keywords are not specific and cater to nothing in particular. For example, the word tennis is an example of a head keyword. When you talk about tennis, topics can span such things as Wimbledon, tennis equipment, tennis shops, tennis live broadcasts, and tennis world rankings. Head keywords are used in various topics and are supercompetitive but are not good for optimizing conversions


Body keywords are specific and are limited to two or three words. For example, online shoe shopping is a body keyword. Other examples are black canvas sneakers and Shirts online UK . As you can see, they cater to a specific audience and are apt to be used in SEO projects.

Long Tail

Long-tail keywords are very specific and usually consist of four, five, or more words—for example, online shoes Aldo Amazon Canada. These terms are highly specific and are used as search queries by users. Other examples are Organic Tea India online order Alibaba and Reebok black sneakers under $150 Amazon.

Of these categories, you should target body keywords, because they are not too specific and help you gain a wider audience from various streams. For example, if a user searches for tennis shoes in Toronto, then Tennis shoes Toronto may be an example of a body keyword. A long-tail keyword would be something like Tennis shoes Reebok store Downtown Toronto sale. See the difference? The body keyword used here is not too localized and can fetch you customers from a target audience all over Toronto, whereas the long-tail keyword is extremely specific and is limited to the Reebok Store in downtown Toronto. Therefore, body keywords are your best bet and may be more useful because they span a sizeable audience.

Sources of Keywords

Finding appropriate keywords can be quite a juggle due to factors such as competition, budget, and search volume. You can look at several avenues to find appropriate keywords. For example, type tennis equipment in Google search: in addition to the list of results, at the bottom of the page are other searches related to your search query.

Sizing Up the Competition

Your marketing strategy should always take your competitors into consideration before any implementation. Similarly, there are sites that can help you gain information about your competitors when you’re doing keyword research. The best tools on the market for comprehensively gauging your competitors’ tactics and keyword strategies are SpyFu and SEMrush.

Last word

Clicking the various tabs, such as Page Info, Diagnosis, and Compare URLs, leads to a fast audit of your website. Similar to MozBar, you can learn about your competitors’ metrics and plan a strategy after gaining insight into the competition’s keywords and other SEO-based tactics.

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