Quartz Stone Slabs: You Need Them For Your Building Project

There are so many materials to choose from when building something new or just making a decoration, that it can be hard to keep track of what will suit your project best. Quartz stone slabs are beautiful options with a natural appearance that won’t clash with the design of any room. This blog is full of tips on why you should use quartz stone slabs in your home and make recommendations on top-grade quartz stone slabs.

Quartz stone slabs can be a great addition to your project, whether you’re working on a home improvement project or just trying to add a little flair. Quartz stone slabs are artificial engineered stone products that are formed by combing ground quartz with resins, pigments, and polymers. In this way, an appealing quartz stone slab is produced.

With high aesthetic value, extensive application area, and consistency in colors and patterns, Quartz stone slabs get more popular these days when it comes to choosing building materials.

Different types of quartz stone slabs

  1. Natural Calacatta Quartz Slabs. Although Calacatta quartz slabs are manufactured products, they consist of quartz and resins to provide a natural look. During the production process, the natural Calacatta quartz slabs are engineered in disparate textures, designs, veins, and colors to suit different residential or business styles.
  2. Calacatta Polished Quartz Slabs. Calacatta polished quartz slabs are made by processing under the rapid operation of mechanical equipment to achieve the polished effect, which has a strong reflection, also known as gloss. After multi-channel polishing, the Calacatta polished quartz slabs have the characteristics of discoloration, are easy to clean with water, and won’t be yellow for long-term use.
  3. Calacatta Gold Quartz Slabs. Calacatta gold quartz slabs have some main colors, including gold, grey, white, etc., to achieve exquisite textures, logical designs, and a chic appearance. With multiple advantages in different conditions and providing people with a more satisfying user experience, such as being non-porous and harder than granite, calacatta gold quartz slabs are becoming indispensable among types of quartz stone slabs.

It is acknowledged that Calacatta quartz slabs are sturdier, less prone to scratches, have a non-porous surface, and realize different decoration styles that make them ideal for different places. Just contact BITTO quartz to learn more details!

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