Share 5 Asian betting tips at New88 to win 100%

Are you looking for strategies to play Asian handicap that are 100% sure to win, but no one can show you? Join us to discover 5 Asian betting tips at New 88, helping you make the right decisions and achieve victory more reliably than ever.

What is Asian Handicap?

Born very early, ever since the king sport, football, was formed in Asia, football betting has become a new betting trend. In Vietnam, this type of bet is also very popular with many bettors because it is easy to play and has an extremely high chance of winning.

To play this bet, you will need to rely on the betting odds provided by New88, this odds will be based on the number and lineup of the two teams playing that match to base your decision. Your job is to research and make accurate judgments about the team you want to bet on.

What are the odds in Asian odds?

If you have ever played soccer bets before, you will certainly not be too unfamiliar with 1 to 10 odds at bookmakers. However, to know what isAsian handicap Actually and how to win them, please see the list below that New88 has compiled for you.

Draw bet

The first bet that appears at New88 is the match draw bet, also known as the same ball bet. For this bet, you will need to reason carefully to choose how many numbers to draw. If the result is correct as predicted, you will win.

For example: You choose the Asian handicap with the score being 1 goal, 2 goals… After two rounds, the results show that the two teams are tied with the number you bet on, you will be the lucky winner. big. If the result has a winner, a loser or a draw with a different score, you will lose.

Handicap ½ left

Also known as Asian Handicap. This is a type of bet that can confuse new bettors with the handicapped team bet. The biggest difference between these two odds is the strength of the two sides, with the left handicap often giving the strong team half the left (½ left), while the handicap for the handicapped team will often be evaluated as weaker.

Left half bet

In addition to the ½ bet, you can choose to bet ¼ or ¾, this is a type of bet that is quite difficult to predict. Many professional bettors with a lot of experience in betting often say that this type of bet is quite difficult and will make things difficult for you. However, if you know the tricks, your chances of winning big prizes are also extremely high.

For example: You bet on team A with half a goal, then if this team has a goal difference of 2 goals, you will be rewarded with the bet amount multiplied many times, if the difference is 1 goal, you will receive half the money. bet. In case the two teams tie, you will lose.

5 tips new players must know when betting on Asian odds

If you are a new player learning how to predict Asian odds, what you need to do is firmly grasp the following odds. This will be an important key to help you win every game.
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Choose the bet you are best at

To win all the time, first you need to choose the type of bet that you are best at playing for a period of time. After you have accumulated experience and improved your level, you can refer to other bets, or increase your bet to receive bigger rewards.

Update daily data of competing teams

A tip to help you have a basis for bettingsport Make sure you regularly update information about the team you choose. Some useful information such as: Team lineup, number of players, their injuries or previous match’s goal score will be important information to help you make the most accurate judgments.

Choose a tournament of scale

The common mentality of many bettors is to choose small “village pond” matches to play, because they have little money to bet on. However, choosing large-scale tournament matches to participate increases your chances of winning the Asian handicap because you have knowledge about these teams and you also meet many experienced allies in the profession. Therefore, the possibility of winning the bet is extremely high.

Refer to groups that share betting tips

Another Asian betting method that New88 has suggested to many people when they first joined the community and were successful. Join experience sharing groups such as: Soccer Betting Today (220,000 members), Soccer Betting (443,000 members)… here you will learn many great tips and improve your skills. furthermore.

Choose a reputable bookmaker

Finally, what you need to remember is to look for a reputable, licensed betting address like our New88 bookmaker. Coming to the homepage of New88, you will be completely assured with extremely attractive and dramatic betting experiences.


Above is all the information about the top tips for playing Asian handicap that we want to share with you. To understand more about this attractive betting genre, come to New88, where emotions are sublimated and receive countless attractive gifts.

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