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Sungrow Empowers La Rambla, Spain with 1.2MWp Rooftop PV Project for Self-Consumption

Sungrow, a global leader in clean energy storage solutions, has successfully completed a remarkable 1.2MWp Rooftop PV Project in La Rambla, Spain. This commercial installation is designed for self-consumption, allowing the establishment to utilize renewable energy generated onsite to meet its power needs sustainably. With 26% of the energy produced coming from renewable sources, this project showcases Sungrow’s commitment to fostering green energy adoption and environmental stewardship.

Sungrow Empowers La Rambla, Spain with 1.2MWp Rooftop PV Project for Self-Consumption

Sustainable Energy Independence at La Rambla

The 1.2MWp Rooftop PV Project stands as a shining example of Sungrow’s dedication to empowering businesses with sustainable energy solutions. By utilizing the vast rooftop space for solar installation, the establishment gains energy independence and reduces its reliance on conventional grid electricity. This move towards self-consumption ensures stable and eco-friendly energy supply while contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

Sungrow’s SG110CX – The Perfect Fit

At the core of this success lies Sungrow’s innovative SG110CX inverter, tailored to suit commercial PV projects like the one in La Rambla. The SG110CX excels in optimizing energy conversion from the photovoltaic panels, ensuring efficient power generation. Its smart features enable real-time monitoring and seamless integration with the existing power system, making it the ideal solution for rooftop installations.

A Pioneering Achievement in Solar Energy

The completion of this 1.2MWp Rooftop PV Project signifies a pioneering achievement in the renewable energy landscape. Sungrow’s cutting-edge technology has not only unlocked the potential of La Rambla’s rooftop for solar energy production but has also contributed significantly to reducing the establishment’s carbon footprint. This milestone aligns perfectly with the region’s sustainability goals and bolsters Sungrow’s reputation as a trusted partner in fostering a cleaner and more resilient energy future.


Sungrow’s 1.2MWp Rooftop PV Project in La Rambla, Spain, stands tall as a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to sustainable energy solutions. Through the utilization of rooftop space for solar generation, the establishment achieves energy independence and reduces its environmental impact. With the SG110CX inverter leading the charge, this project represents a remarkable step towards a greener and more sustainable world. As Sungrow continues to drive advancements in renewable energy, their impact on the global clean energy transition remains profound and inspiring.

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