Switched Mode Power Supplies: An Overview

SMPS have become a workhorse for efficient power conversion, converting a supply voltage AC input to a low-voltage DC output. AC-DC switch mode converters are ubiquitous; external desktop power supplies for computers, power supplies in set-top boxes, and smartphone wall chargers.

Previously, linear power conversion techniques were used to complete the conversion operation. Linear power supply, for example, sometimes need large transformers with analog “linear” regulating circuits. However, since the average conversion efficiency is less than 65%, the transformer produces a significant quantity of waste heat that must be dissipated.

On the other hand, the Switch-mode power supply is small, energy-efficient (usually more than 85 percent), and lightweight. Switch-mode power supplies are also quite adaptable in design, enabling designers to discover the optimal solution for their final product’s power needs.

Principle of Switch Mode

AC-DC and DC-DC power sources both use the switch mode conversion concept. For AC-DC power supplies, multiple steps precede the DC-DC conversion stage, including rectification of the single-phase 230Vac or three-phase 400Vac 50Hz supply voltage.

During the DC-DC conversion phase, the main circuit of the power semiconductor (power switching circuit) produces a high-frequency alternating voltage to the transformer in both circumstances. This generates a current in the main winding, which induces an alternating current in the secondary winding, resulting in the generation of the secondary voltage. The transformer’s winding ratio defines whether it is step-up or step-down. Finally, the secondary circuit rectifies the high-frequency voltage and may create a feedback signal to regulate the main electronics.

Purchase Decisions

The engineering team is charged with creating SMPS power supplies at some stage throughout the new product development cycle. Given that they may be creating a product from scratch, it may be attractive to maintain this power structure. However, like many other parts of electrical engineering, power supply design is a specialist talent.

Switch-mode structures are significantly more sophisticated than basic linear systems and require years of design skill. Furthermore, advances in semiconductor process technology, such as Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN), have fueled the development of switch-mode systems, enhancing power efficiency and shrinking size; therefore, unless an off-the-shelf power source is appropriate unless you have particular technical limitations that need bespoke development.

The Best Option

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