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APT Medical: Pioneering Excellence in Peripheral Intervention Medical Devices

APT Medical, a leading high-tech enterprise, is dedicated to the research, development, production, and sales of advanced interventional medical devices. With over 20 years of development and accumulation, APT Medical provides a comprehensive range of innovative peripheral products that cater to the needs of agents and doctors.

Innovative Medical Devices of Peripheral Intervention

APT Medical offers an extensive range of innovative devices for peripheral intervention to address diverse iatrical challenges. Among their devices is the Distail™ Microcatheter, designed for precise and effective treatment. With three-layer braided structure and 7 sections of gradual stiffness change, Distail offers excellent kink resistance and steering ability and allows for high flow rates. Moreover, the distal tungsten mesh with platinum-iridium markers greatly enhances visibility for precise location. It also has comprehensive specifications: 100-180 cm in working length, 1.8-2.7 F, single or double Markers, 370 specifications altogether, radial includes 150cm, 160cm, and 180cm, which can greatly meet different clinical needs.

The Benefits of Peripheral Intervention

Peripheral intervention’s minimally invasive nature, which results in less discomfort and quicker recovery times for patients, is one of its key advantages. This is crucial for patients who might not be able to bear the dangers and protracted recovery periods linked to conventional surgery. Peripheral intervention has additionally been demonstrated to be equally successful as conventional surgical methods, but with a lower risk of complications.


APT Medical has established themselves as a trusted brand in the field of peripheral intervention medical devices. Through continuous research and development, they pioneer advancements that revolutionize patient treatment outcomes.

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