Does Filing for bankruptcy impact mortgage?

The fact that an individual has filed for bankruptcy is a matter of public knowledge and will be shown on their credit report when it is included. Because of this, it could be challenging for them to get a mortgage, since the majority of lenders look at a person’s credit history to determine whether or not they are a good credit risk. In addition, even though a person’s debts can be discharged as a result of the bankruptcy filing, this does not mean that any bad information would be removed from their credit report. Because this unfavourable information might remain on a person’s credit record for as long as ten years, it will be extremely challenging for that individual to acquire a mortgage during that time period.

A person who has filed for bankruptcy can still get a mortgage, although it might take more work on their part to get approved. However, it is not impossible. Before submitting an application for a mortgage, they may need to work on reestablishing their credit score and locate a lender who is prepared to work with them despite the fact that they have previously filed for bankruptcy. Individuals who have low credit ratings may be eligible for “bad credit mortgages,” which are offered by some lenders. These mortgages, however, may come with higher interest rates and more stringent requirements.

It’s possible that filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 7, also known as a “liquidation” bankruptcy, will have a more severe influence on a person’s credit score as well as their ability to get a mortgage than filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 13, commonly known as a “reorganisation” bankruptcy.

In conclusion, declaring bankruptcy might have a detrimental impact on a person’s ability to secure a mortgage; nonetheless, it is not impossible to get a mortgage after declaring bankruptcy. Rebuilding a person’s credit score and finding a lender that is prepared to work with them may both involve additional effort on the side of the individual. People who have a low credit score may think about applying for a bad credit mortgage, which often has higher interest rates and more stringent criteria than traditional mortgages.

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