Hi88 With Detailed Soccer Betting Rules 2024

Hi88 Organize online soccer betting with specific and transparent rules. This creates fairness and fairness for all participating customers. Follow today’s column to understand detailed information about this regulation!

Rules for online soccer betting at Hi88

Soccer betting was born in the last century with certain rules recognized and enforced around the world. Currently, although it is included in the online version, the rules of the game still apply and there are few changes.

Hi88 soccer betting rules on time

Not only Hi 88, most betting playgrounds today are applying the same timeline. Accordingly, each match on the field takes place in 2 halves and extra time, the total official playing time is 90 minutes.

The odds table before and during the match is continuously updated and made public to all customers. Depending on the odds, you can place money before or after the ball starts rolling.

Extra time football betting rules at Hi88

Extra time in online soccer betting is calculated as 2/3 of the time specified by the World Sports Federation. Each extra period is 45 minutes and depending on the situation of the confrontation, the referee will decide whether this round needs to take place or not. Accordingly,Football betting rules Each extra period will be counted as 30 minutes.

Football betting rules in special cases

For Hi88 online soccer betting rules, the special case is when the match is canceled. When the results of the competition are no longer effective in determining the actual winner or loser, the betting game will also be dissolved.

If the match result is canceled, the player will have their bet refunded by the house. In case the match stops until the second half, the player’s bet on the first half will still be counted.

Soccer betting rules for each type of bet

The soccer betting world is currently developing rapidly with the introduction of many different bets. Here are the operating rules for some of the most basic odds:

Asian handicap betting rules

Asian handicaps in football are also known as handicaps. This comparison ratio was created to create balance between the two teams in case of differences in ability. At that time, the team that is considered stronger will handicap the weaker side by a certain number of goals. This number is given by the house and the player just needs to choose and place money.

European handicap rules

Football betting rules European handicap is relatively simpler than handicap handicap. Because, players do not need to worry about how many goals the teams will score. You are only responsible for predicting which side will win or the result will be a draw.

RulesFootball Over/Under betting rules

For Over/Under bets, you need to predict whether the total number of goals scored by both teams in the match is greater or less than the number initially set by the house. If they think the result is higher, the player places money on Over and vice versa.

Football betting rules Hi88 was not born based on anyone’s personal inspiration but based on the general rules of the reward entertainment market. Therefore, all members need to strictly comply with these rules to have valid matches. From there, you can get the reward you want.

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