Iron spur cockfighting is popular and has attractive advantages that cannot be missed

Cockfighting with iron spurs is a unique type that creates the appeal of cockfighting. If you are a true bettor, you definitely cannot help but experience it right away. Before participating, you can follow the most important information in NEW88 article below!

What is spur cockfighting?

Cockfighting with iron spurs is a long-standing entertainment activity of Vietnamese people. Originally a familiar pastime, cockfighting has become a popular form of entertainment and is also a betting subject at bookmakers and live cockfighting rings. Regardless of gender, occupation or age, this form of entertainment always attracts a large and stable number of participants.

Iron spurs are the main “weapon” of fighting cocks, playing an important role in enhancing fighting power, helping to “save” the opponent after just a single punch. This creates the highly damaging nature of the attack, but also requires cunning and technique from the cocks. It is also thanks to spur cockfighting that the atmosphere of tension and suspense to the end is often felt more clearly in each match.

Popular types of iron spurs

In the past, this form was not used much in regular cockfighting or small cockfights. The reason is that iron spurs can cause serious damage, even death, to fighting cocks. However, recently, it is easier for players to find cockfighting matches, especially when watching online at NEW88, you will experience:

Cockfighting with round spurs

Although the term iron spurs often refers to the use of iron spurs, in reality there is a clear distinction between round spurs and knife spurs. Round spurs are usually circular in shape, shaped like a very sharp tube. This weapon increases the level of damage in cockfighting fights.

The blows often cause the opponent to collapse quickly. The price to invest in a round spur also often varies. Depending on the seller, the cost can be high or low. Round spurs are classified by length, size and sometimes curvature. Their characteristic is to create power for jabs, often focusing on the opponent’s neck and back.

Knife cockfighting

In cockfighting activities, knife spurs are used quite commonly. This is a popular form of cockfighting in Southeast Asia and is especially famous at Thomo cockfighting arena. The spur is called “knife” because its shape resembles a knife, with a flat, slightly curved surface, extremely sharp and made of iron. Therefore, in cockfights, knife spurs are used, causing extremely high levels of damage.

What are the outstanding characteristics of iron spur cockfighting?

If you want to learn the most clearly about the characteristics of a cock fighting with iron spurs, follow them during the match with the support of weapons. The drama and tension in each match are pushed to the highest level, attracting a large number of fans to watch with stability.

Iron spur cockfighting focuses on great damage, making the cocks vulnerable and shortening the fighting time. This puts pressure on chicken owners to choose the strongest fighting cocks to meet the requirements every time they fight. Each warrior is carefully and thoroughly prepared, ensuring that every fight takes place safely, especially so that his cock does not lose his life on the ring.

Before entering the competition, each cock must undergo an extremely thorough inspection process. The inspection team at the spur cockfighting arena is responsible for eliminating all elements of cheating, ensuring that each cock participates in transparent competition, without any interference or stimulation from the cocker.

The secret to identifying a cock with iron spurs to bring fortune

What interests many people most about this special subject is definitely the easy way to choose a cock to win money. The secret is that you have to rely on predictive factors, spend a lot of time learning and analyzing, instead of just wanting to enjoy the match. However, recognizing the winning chicken is not too difficult because it is based on the following appearance:

  • The size of cockfighting warriors with iron spurs does not have to be too large, but instead, they need to have long legs and a wide wingspan to help them move more flexibly during the match.
  • You should prioritize betting on chickens with thick and ruffled neck feathers, this helps reduce damage from sharp cuts.
  • Before starting the match, the chicken must show leisure and experience with a relaxed attitude, clearly expressed through gestures and posture. These things will show that they have enough experience and know how to save energy to put it all into the “life and death” moments of the match.

Thus, spur cockfighting is basically a fight between two carefully trained warriors, familiar to Vietnamese people since ancient times. However, the special point is that they are equipped with additional weapons to increase maximum power. You can visitBookmaker NEW88 And watch now so you don’t miss such special matches.

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