Letter of Intent and Investment Agreement

Who we are

Premium Specialty Steel Company was founded in 1974, and it has grown from a fleet of three trucks into a 12-truck operation supported by a completely computerized batching system, state approved and fully compatible with all current regulations. Our highly professional staff consists of the following key individuals, all of whom have Your Total Satisfaction as our foremost goal:

  • James Franklin, President
  • Judith Franklin, Sales and On-Site Representative
  • Amy Beasley, Dispatcher
  • Donna Gaskins, Accounts Receivables Manager

Our goal: Your Total Satisfaction at all Times

Very simply, providing the best service possible at all times while guaranteeing a quality product is our number one goal. There is no other company in the specialty steel fabrication business that can come close to matching our Total Quality Management approach to product performance and customer service.

The next step

In the expectation that we will be able to “make you an offer you can’t refuse,” I would like to call you next week to introduce myself by telephone and verify a few details of your upcoming project in this area. I hope you will give me an opportunity to bid on the job you have coming up, because I can guarantee in advance your total satisfaction with our price, product, quality control, customer service, and followthrough. I hope you will welcome my call in a few days.

Company Background

Roper Masonry (formerly Andrea Roper Construction) has been in the masonry business since 1988. This launched a fifteen-year career as a husband and wife team in the masonry construction business. The company’s primary business concern is concrete & brick retaining walls, drainage structures, and incidental concrete (sidewalks, curbs, gutters, etc.). The permanent location of the business is Warren, MI.


Andrea Roper, a native of Michigan, is the owner and General Manager of the company. She is certified as a DBE, MB, and WB under the Michigan Department of Transportation. She attended Detroit College of Business and received an Associate’s degree in General Business. She is also a trained Brick Mason.

The diversity of the masonry work varied from job to job, but primary construction was in concrete & brick retaining walls, drainage structures, curbs & gutters, and incidental concrete.

Phillip Roper is the Field Project Manager of the company, with over 35 years’ experience in the masonry business. He studied Brick Masonry at Brentwood High School in Dearborn, Michigan and Construction Technology at Henry Ford Community College. He is now on the Brick Masonry Board of Directors at Henry Ford Community College.

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Roper Masonry would like to state that we are experienced and qualified to perform any projects, large or small, within the masonry business. We thank you for your consideration.

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