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This article will provide more information about Mary-Antoinette Courbebaisse. Her genealogical records, which connect her grandparents and her children, are subtleties.

Victorian woman who was respected by many people around the world. She had a place in the royal family. A genealogical record is also available that provides a detailed explanation of her relatives. Follow the following segment if you have any questions.

Mary Antoinette

She was just 69 years old when she died in 1933. Everyone knows that her family has a large foundation called a massive genealogy. In 1887, she was locked up with Rene Maurice Schwob. We also discussed the Marie-Antoinette de Courbebaisse in our examination. Mary Antoinette is the mother of two children.

Mary Antoinetter Parents

Emile Marie Victor Courbebaisse-who was Ingenieur General Genie sea et Directeur des Constructions navales.
Marie Alexandrine Lucie Gatine – who was with Mary Antoinetter until 1932.

Other Personal Information

Mary Antoinette was married to a distant family with a wide family ancestry.

She was her better half until 1928. Because of a medical issue, he died not long after his better half had died.

Talking about Courbebaisse Mary Antoinette allows us to get to know her family, her relatives and other relatives. They are easy to look at from all angles, both inside and outside.

Mary Antoinette is the mother of two children. One is a young woman and one is a young man. Who are Georges Paul Victor Schwob & Lucy Renee Mathilde Schwob respectively?


Courbebaisse Mary-Antoinette has a huge genealogical record that includes all her grandparents, as well her children. She is able to understand the genealogy with a stream graph, which makes it very simple. Her significance as a member of a large family was revealed by our in-depth examination.

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