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CPR and AEDs are two key ways to resuscitate in the event of cardiac arrest. For groups like students who have yet to receive formal first-aid training, having the right equipment with detailed instructions is important for them to perform first-aid. Mindray, a professional AED for schools provider from China, explains how to properly use AED equipment for first aid in the face of cardiac arrest.

The right way to resuscitate a cardiac arrest patient

One of the most important ways to effectively resuscitate a patient in cardiac arrest is to use manual external cardiac compressions to maintain blood flow, provide oxygen to the body’s vital organs, and prevent organ failure and brain death.

However, it is not enough to temporarily replace the heartbeat with bare-hand compressions. How to get the heart beating again as soon as possible is where AEDs come into play. Therefore, CPR and AEDs are the right way to give first aid to a patient in cardiac arrest.

With this in mind, a consistent and reliable quality AED is key, and Mindray is an expert in this area. Proper operation of Mindray’s AEDs can greatly increase the success rate of first aid.

Rescue Properly

For pre-first aid preparation, if an emergency scenario of cardiac arrest occurs at school, a conscious student needs to call out the patient’s name to determine if they are unconscious, followed by another student looking for the AED device and promptly calling the emergency service.

After getting the AED pack, firstly, turn on the AED, open the cover of the AED, and follow the visual and auditory cues.

Then, hold the electrodes close to the patient’s chest in the proper position as indicated in the manual.

Next, the AED will analyze the heart rhythm and defibrate if necessary.

Finally, follow the instrument’s instructions and wait for medical personnel to arrive.

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