What is Game-Based Learning (ELA) for children?

Game-Based Learning is to learn English while arranging boxes freely in the game world and fishing in your favorite building or city. Throughout the adventure of the game world, you will challenge the quest according to the level of the student while talking with the teacher in English. In the adventure of the game world, many situations are similar to real life, so you can learn living English efficiently. Students will be able to enjoy learning English through games without being obsessed with rules and formats.

Online Game-Based Learning (ELA)?

Many online platforms provides online education similar to that of International so that children can live in a global society in the future. English Quest is not a language learning on the desk which made English itself a learning subject, but while challenging various quests in the adventure of the game world, by utilizing the English words and grammar learned in the conversation naturally born, Our goal is to improve our communication skills and problem-solving skills.  Also, provides help to children for essay writing help.

Features of Game-Based Learning Online Lesson for Kids

Enjoy English conversation naturally in games

In a typical English lesson, some children find it difficult to learn English because it makes them less tedious, too busy trying to speak correct English. On the other hand, in game-based learning of Game-Based Learning, you do not feel that it is a lesson, so you can enjoy learning English while playing a game with your teacher on an extension of play, so you can reasonably enjoy learning English. I can do it.

English + action

By working in a 3D space while having an English conversation with your teacher, you can easily understand basic English words that are easily confused, such as Right and Left, and directives that indicate positional relationships such as Here/There/Over there. ..

In addition, by using English words and grammar learned in English Language Arts (ELA) in the game world, I feel that I am using English, and I can communicate well in English without worrying about small mistakes. You will be able to develop your thinking and judgment skills in English.

Can be expressed freely

For the operation of Game-Based Learning, acquire the block and arrange it ②. It’s just a simple task, but it’s up to the child to decide what kind of thing and world to create. You can freely create your favorite buildings and towns in a virtual space, just like building toy blocks, so you can cultivate your child’s creativity and express a lot in English.

What are some online lessons for Game-Based Learning available at the various platform?

  • Cross the ocean, climb mountains, and explore the epic world of Game-Based Learning. I’m sure there will be fun discoveries!
  • At the beginning of the lesson, use the keyboard to learn how to move forward, backward, left and right in the game, and learn basic operations such as jumping and swimming.
  • After mastering basic movements, you will learn how to cut and stack blocks. At this stage, you can make something simple.

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