Advantages Of Telecentric Lenses Compared To Ordinary Lenses

For those who are in the market for new lenses, telecentric lenses might be a great choice. In this article, we will talk about what a telecentric lens is and how it is different from ordinary industrial lenses.

Comparison between ordinary lenses and telecentric lenses

Ordinary industrial lens The image will be larger the closer the target object is to the lens (the shorter the working distance). The following issues will arise when using an ordinary lens to measure size: large lens distortion; parallax, which causes the edge position of the image to be uncertain due to the geometric properties of the visual light source; low lens resolution; and parallax, which causes the object’s magnification to change as object distance increases.

The telecentric lens can successfully address the aforementioned issues with conventional lenses and doesn’t have any sort of judgment error, making it useful for high-precision measuring, metrology, and other applications. A telecentric lens is a high-end industrial lens that is particularly appropriate for applications involving dimensional measurement and typically has excellent image quality. Better image clarity and less distortion are offered by telecentric measuring lenses than by traditional fixed focal length lenses. The depth of field does not affect the telecentric lens’s continuous magnification, and there is no parallax.

Advantages of telecentric lenses

Telecentric lenses have several advantages over ordinary lenses. First, they are more efficient in terms of light capture, meaning that they can capture more light for better image quality. Second, they are less affected by chromatic aberrations, meaning that colors will be more accurate when captured using a telecentric lens. Finally, they provide a wider angle of view than traditional lenses, which can be beneficial for capturing large scenes or for taking photos of objects at a distance.


Telecentric lenses offer many advantages over ordinary lenses, including reduced distortion and improved resolution. If you are looking for a suitable lens for industrial inspection then SmartMoreInside‘s telecentric lens is your first choice.

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