Ruby Guest is Jamie Lee Curtis’ daughter.

Ruby Guest is Jamie Lee Curtis’ little girl.

The 25-year old computer game proofreader, speaking with PEOPLE, said that it was frightening to educate her family about her orientation personality.

Ruby understood that Ruby had acknowledged my appreciation for it throughout her entire life.

Ruby said that her family supported her decision and was happy to share her experience with others.

“Individuals can in any case recall me for who I was, but I haven’t changed that.” She told the power source that they can now see me as I am, but not outwardly.

Take a look at the photos from Jamie Lee’s Ruby’s cosplay wedding
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What’s Jamie Lee research?

Jamie Lee, 63 years old, told AARP that she “watched in amazement and pride as Ruby, our little girl, turned into our child.”

PEOPLE were also informed by her that she tries to avoid “very large mistakes.”

She admitted, however, that she made a few mistakes in one day.

Ruby has been acknowledged by her for sharing what she knows.

Ruby Guest is in a relationship?

Ruby Guest, 26 years old, married Kynthia on May 29, 2022 at a World of Warcraft-themed wedding in the family’s yard.

Jamie Lee Curtis supervised the wedding.

All guests were invited to dress up for the occasion. Jamie Lee dressed up as Jaina, a naval commander, in the game.

Ruby’s older sister Annie, who is more experienced, was also married in July 2019 on the family’s terrace.

A few photos of her happy mum were posted to Instagram by the pleased mom, which included one of the lovebird subtitlings: “YES THEY DO and HAVE!” Hitched! RUBY and KYNTHIA 5/29/2022

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